No More Diets! Believe in a healthier, better you - Book

No More Diets! Believe in a healthier, better you - Book

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The No More Diets! book focuses on how the Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) therapy can help people kiss goodbye to bad food relationships and re-set their eating habits, without the need for pointless yo-yo diets. 

The book captures my experiences from working with hundreds of weight loss clients and trained practitioners around the world and is aimed at helping people take that vital first step towards changing how they think about food.

It also includes inspirational before-and-after case studies, and links to help readers find a practitioner who can support them wherever they are.

The book:

  • Identifies people’s eating types – with characters for each
  • Makes the reader consciously aware of their eating habits
  • Provides simple exercises to help them start to change how they think about food
  • Offers case studies of real people and how this has helped them

…and explains the role hypnosis can play in their transformation process.